Apostles II

Apostles II

Virtues are gifts from God that lead us to live in a close relationship with Him. Virtues are like habits. They need to be practiced; they can be lost if they are neglected. The three most important virtues are called theological virtues because they come from God and lead to God. The cardinal virtues are human virtues, acquired by education and good actions. Cardinal comes from cardo, the Latin word for hinge, meaning “that on which other things depend.”

Theological Virtues


Cardinal Virtues


Capital Sins

  • Pride: excessive focus on self
  • Envy: resentment of others
  • Anger: uncontrolled hatred, acting without thinking
  • Greed: excessive desire for wealth and abundance
  • Gluttony: excessive desire for food and drink
  • Lust: sexual desires that disrespect the dignity of others and yourself
  • Sloth: lack of hope in God’s goodness, not willing to take your place in the Kingdom of God