November is the Month of the Holy Souls

Eternal Rest Grant unto them Oh Lord...

All Souls Novena Names

  • November 2 to 9

    3:00 PM Daily

    Divine Mercy Chaplet

    Holy Cross Cemetery

    Praying and remembering the Holy Souls.

    November 3

    8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

    Day of Prayer for Our Nation


    Take part in the program of prayer for peace and protection for the USA

    November 10


    Feast of St Martin of Tours

    Powell Street Promenade

    Lantern Procession & Bonfire Bring your lawn chairs or blankets and branches to toast marshmallows!

    November 11


    Veteran’s Day Mass


    Honor our Veterans by attending Mass

    November 19


    Our Lady of Divine Providence

    Church & Procession

    Come join in an outpouring of faith!

    November 26

    9:00 AM

    Thanksgiving Mass


    Give Thanks for all God has given you & your family

  • The Saint Martin de Porres Food Pantry of All Saints Parish, will be taking donations of turkeys, chickens and hams for Thanksgiving. Please drop off your donation Monday - Thursday from 9AM to 12Noon at the parish office. Please remember this year people are having smaller gatherings due to COVID 19. Smaller turkeys, turkey breasts or chickens are other options you may choose.
  • Keep Sunday Holy, attend Mass (mask and social distancing required) or join us below. 
  • Sunday Mass on Comcast channel 22 will continue at 12 Noon
  • The live stream Mass will be at 10 AM Sundays on 
  • The Mass on Facebook can be accessed any time after 10 AM by going onto the page and going to the videos for the latest Mass.
  • You can set your Facebook notifications for when All Saints Parish is live.
  • Religious education students - Weekly attendance at Mass, in person if possible or online as noted above is expected. 
  • We continue our daily prayer calls; Monday thru Friday 7:30 AM Rosary before Mass, 3 PM Divine Mercy Chaplet 7 days a week and 6:30 PM Rosary 7 days a week. Call 712-432-3900  Code 966052#  Anyone from anywhere can call in and pray with us. 
  • Confessions will continue on the front porch of the Rectory with one change, Father will use the window, to the left of the mailbox as the Confessional screen, there will be a chair and kneeler placed in front of the window for the penitent, which will provide for distancing.
  • If you are coming to Confession and see someone on the porch please remain at least 10 feet away from the porch for privacy.
  • Confession schedule will continue to be Wednesday 12 Noon to 3 PM & Saturday 10 AM until 1 PM


Reverse 50/50

The numbers were all in and the balls were tumbling as we ZOOMED the reverse 50/50. 

It wasn't quite the same as the last Reverse Raffle but we did have fun. The Hospitality committee came through with hot dogs and snacks!! As we all sat back (socially distanced) and hoped for our number to be called last. The winners for the day were as follow:

10th prize - Pat & Bud Birmingham 
9th prize - Justin Smith  
8th prize - Linda Vaughn 
7th prize - Ann Cassidy
6th prize - Frank & Peggy Ferrari 
5th prize - Diane Nonnemacher
4th prize - Ed Kasuba 
3rd prize - Ben Germanio 
2nd prize - Phillip & Grace Blandino 
1st PRIZE - Barbara Westog

We look forward to a bigger and better Reverse Raffle in 2021! If you want to get in on the next raffle the Santa's Jackpot is coming up soon. They make great stocking stuffers and you have better odds than lottery ticket! Tickets will be on sale at the Parish Office listen for the start date at Mass.

Save the Dates!

Autumn Events at All Saints!

Student and Family Event at All Saints for Religious Education participation

Date & Time




November 26

9:00 AM

Thanksgiving Mass


Give Thanks for all God has given you & your family! Bring your food to be blessed at Mass

November 28/29

1st Sunday of Advent

Make sure you have your wreath and Advent Calendar Ready


How are you preparing for the birth of Jesus in your home & heart?

December 3 7PM

Feast of St Barbara

In honor of persecuted Catholic in Syria and the region

Story of Saint Barbara

Grotto Parking lot – Trunk or Treat

Get dressed in a disguise and come hear the story of St. Barbara’s life

December 12

7:00 PM

Our Lady of Guadalupe


Come hear about St. Juan Diego and the miraculous image on the tilma.

December 12/13
Bambinelli Sunday

Bring your Baby Jesus to Mass to get it blessed

All Sunday Masses

What color does the priest wear today?

December 16

7:00 PM

Las Posadas

Parking lot and Promenade

Journey with Mary and Joseph as they travel to Bethlehem

Public Mass

Public Mass will resume with the following changes:

Saturdays  4 PM  and 7 PM (Spanish Mass)

Sundays  8 AM, 10 AM and 12:15 PM  (please note the 9:30 AM is now 10 AM)
The church will open 30 minutes prior to Mass

Mass from All Saints will be televised on Comcast Channel 22 Sundays at 12 Noon

Live streamed on the All Saints Facebook at 10 AM

Please note: everyone above the age of 2 must wear a mask. You will be seated by an Ambassador on a 1st come, 1st serve basis. Our Ambassadors will guide you to your seats. Welcome Home!


If you would like to be able to follow the daily and Sunday readings for Mass on your phone, you can find over 40 apps at the App Store which can be downloaded for free.  Here are a few examples:

iBreviary, Laudate, Catholic Daily Readings, Daily Readings for Catholics

If you would rather have a hard copy of the Daily Readings or just the Sunday Readings, you can order at the followings websites: Daily Roman Missal with A-B-C cycle readings for Sunday and two year cycle for weekdays - St. Joseph Sunday Missal with readings for Sunday, Sunday Vigil and Holy Days for a  complete 3 year cycle

If you do not have a computer, you can order the Magnificat Magazine by calling 1-800-959-1676 or
Word Among Us by calling 1-800-775-9673.

Diocesan Reorganization

On Thursday October 1, 2020 the Diocese of Camden filed for Chapter 11 reorganization. You can find information here:

Welcome Home!


Important General Principles in Preparation for Public Mass starting with Saturday vigil Mass on June 13, 2020

  1. The General dispensation from obligatory Mass attendance continues. You are not obliged to attend. However, you are not dispensed from the Third Commandment, “Keep Holy the Sabbath”. Every Catholic must always keep the Lord’s Day set apart for God. It must be a DAY (not just an hour) given to the Lord in all our activity.
  2. If you are having any signs of a cold or flu, fever and/or cough, please stay at home and watch Mass on Comcast channel 22 Sunday at 12 Noon or live stream via our Facebook page at the same time, or any other Mass you are able to watch.
  3. As strange as this may sound, the diocese asks what my parents always insisted on:
    “Please make sure you go to the bathroom BEFORE you go to Church.” The reason being, we cannot guarantee the cleanliness (i.e. sanitization) of the restroom between each use. Bathrooms are for emergency use only until further notice.
  4. Please make sure you wear a mask, scarf, or other appropriate face covering over your nose and mouth. If you are unable or unwilling, you are asked to refrain from attendance until it is no longer required by the bishop. Only children under the age of 2 are exempt by the diocesan guideline. If your health prohibits you, you are probably in a high risk category and it is not recommended that you come anyway.
  5. Remember charity above all! None of us like this situation. Many have strong feelings about these things. I simply ask that we treat each other and especially our volunteers with charity when you come to Holy Mass, in particular if you are asked to conform to the diocesan guidelines. Charity/love has been a hallmark of the Christian church since the beginning and I have found that to be the case here. Let us consciously make an effort to be extra charitable/loving at this strange time.

We have been preparing for you: Cleaning, measuring, and learning the diocesan norms. In an effort to keep everyone as healthy as possible these are the guidelines we are required to follow:

  • Mass times are as follows:
    Saturdays – 4 PM and 7 PM Spanish
    Sundays -  8 AM,  10AM  and 12:15 PM  (to allow for cleaning between Masses)
  • Enter – through the side doors of the church only (Depot and Grotto sides, North & South entrances)
  • All Saints Ambassadors will meet you at each entrance, these volunteers are there to answer questions regarding seating, distancing etc.
  • A collection basket will be at each entrance for your offertory, no collection will be taken up during Mass.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for your use at every entrance.
  • Pews are taped off to allow for social distancing. We are currently using every 3rd
  • In the center aisles if you are by yourself please sit where you are directed, (at either end of the pew or in the middle of the pew which is marked by blue tape, 3 per pew)
  • In the side aisle pews one person may sit at each end. (2 per pew)
  • People who live in the same household may all be seated in one pew.
  • At this present time we are limited to 30% of our church capacity or a max of 167 persons. *(with 6 ft distancing only 70 individuals. The number can go up to 167 depending on the number of households that sit together.)
  • People will enter on a first come, first seated bases.
  • The sidewalks leading up to the entrance are marked with red Xs 6 feet apart. Please use the Xs to wait for an ambassador to direct you to your seat.
  • We have all missed one another, however grouping together before or after Mass is discouraged for your safety.
  • Father will enter from the Sacristy and the offertory procession will be omitted for now.
  • The sign of peace will be omitted.
  • Holy Communion will be distributed after the final blessing at the end of Mass.
  • You are not obliged to go up to receive Holy Communion.
  • The ambassadors will come to each pew starting from the front center of the church; you may exit the pew via the center aisle. (please lower/ remove your mask at this time)
  • If you are not receiving Holy Communion and are leaving the Church please exit through the Buck Street doors (East side).
  • If you are proceeding to Holy Communion please note the red Xs on the floor and follow the guidance of the ambassadors.
  • You may go back to your pew for private prayer after you receive Our Lord.
  • Once the center aisles have gone to Communion, the side aisles will be directed up to Communion.
  • We ask that anyone who wishes to receive on the tongue you will be seated on the sides so that you will receive Communion last according to diocesan recommendations.
  • Once you have made your thanksgiving after Communion you may exit through the Buck Street doors (East Side) and continue social distancing.


*Once maximum capacity has been reached parishioners may wait in their cars and receive Communion at the end of that Mass or stay for a guaranteed seat at the next Mass.

Update Saint John Bosco

During this winter we finalized an agreement of sale with Hendricks House.  Hendricks House made the highest and best offer for the St John Bosco property.  The sale is contingent upon several things but most importantly that they obtain zoning approval from the city of Millville and state approval to be able to open their state regulated halfway house use.  Hendricks House is based in Vineland and has been in the Halfway House business for 27+ years.  Their plan is to use the rectory to house up to 24 recovering women living in a 12 step sober environment.  They plan to have their administrative offices in the church building as well as an Intensive Out Patient (IOP) treatment facility.  Their program is for treating those people in ours and other communities that want to kick the bonds of addiction.  People that live there have been through primary treatment and are trying to get their lives back on track by living in a sober environment.  The women living in the house will sleep and eat there.  During most days they will be working in local industries.  At night most will attend AA and NA meetings to assistant in their recovery.  For those that need extra counseling they will meet with councilors in small groups to become more comfortable with the sober life style.  If you have any questions about how the facility will work or if you have a family member that needs treatment contact the executive director of the Hendricks House Group, Damaris Pirillo at 856-794-2443 ext 135.


Here is a quick video to show you how to sign on to FORMED and get great Catholic content:  All you need is an Email address and our zip

Honoring Our Lady

Honoring Mary!

May is the month of Mary. Creating a crown and a Mary altar is a wonderful way to celebrate the month of May. This would be a beautiful tradition to start in each home. If you do please take a picture and send it to me so that I may share it. Ave Maria!         [email protected] 

Blessed Mother's Birthday 2020

Christ is Risen ALLELUIA!

The Alleluia was unearthed and we can sing out Alleluia!


Put a White Ribbon on your door!

As we begin the Easter Triduum, let us all put a white ribbon on our doors to unite with one another this Holy Season.

Public Masses

Mass times are as follows:

Saturdays  4 PM  and 7 PM (Spanish Mass)

Sundays  8 AM, 10 AM and 12:15 PM  (please note the 9:30 AM is now 10 AM)

Mass from All Saints will be televised on Comcast Channel 22 Sundays at 12 Noon

Live streamed on the All Saints Facebook page at 10 AM

Please tune in and join our parish family. 

Mass can also be found on the following channels:
EWTN on Dish Channel 261, Direct TV Channel 370 or Comcast Channel 15 or 1668, which airs Mass daily at 8:00 AM, 12:00 Noon and 7:00 PM.
6 ABC shows Catholic Masses on Sundays at 5:30 AM. 



Confessions will be on the porch of the Rectory!

Wednesdays 12 Noon to 3 PM
Saturdays :  10 AM to 1 PM
Enter through Dock Street driveway


New Time

Time to become Prayer Warriors!

Join us in praying together throughout the day via telephone. 

7:30 AM Monday thru Friday (Before 8 AM Mass)  and 6:30 PM  Rosary Daily

3:00 PM Chaplet of Divine Mercy Daily

Join our Prayer Call:

Dial 1-712-432-3900  then enter 966052# and you will join the group.

There will be announcements and updates at the beginning and the end of the prayers. Spread the word and join with the All Saints Parish family. 


Diocesan Covid 19 Prayer


All classes and other parish activities have been postponed at this time. Please check back for updates. If you ordered materials for the Bible Timeline class on the first week your materials have arrived please contact Mary Anne Serra for pick up. 


Scholarship Available to Parish of All Saints Parishioners

Parishioners of The Parish of All Saints are eligible for a scholarship

to St. Mary School in Vineland (Kindergarten through grade 8).

In order to be eligible you must be an active member of the Parish of All Saints.

For more information contact: Mrs. Carol Kirchman/Advancement Director

at 856-692-8537 x 324 or [email protected]

Scams Continue!

Scammers never stop trying to scam people.
If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be a member of the clergy up to and including Bishop Sullivan and they are requesting the donation of Gift Cards, IT IS A SCAM! Please know that they are a fraud. The diocese asks you to please send the information to either:
[email protected] So this issue can be investigated further. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mass Times


Pastor - Rev. Peter Idler
Deacon - Russell Davis
Deacon - Hipolito Lagares
Deacon - Sam Nasuti

Weekday Schedule:
Monday thru Friday: 8AM
1st Saturday 8 AM


Saturday - 4:00 PM Mass
Saturday - 7:00 PM Espanol Mass
Sunday - 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 12:15 PM

Wednesdays: 12 Noon to 3 PM
Saturdays: 10 AM to 1 PM
on the porch of the Rectory


Office Hours

Monday - 8:30AM - 4:00PM
Tuesday - 8:30AM - 4:00PM
Wednesday - 8:30AM - 3:00PM
Thursday - 8:30AM - 4:00PM
Friday -Closed

No Clothing Accepted!

We are sorry but due to health and safety concerns we can no longer accept clothing, shoes, bedding, stuffed animals, or toys etc.


  • Sun, Nov 29th

Parish Survey

We are reaching out to get to know those in our parish better in the hopes of fostering and enriching our parish family. As we are a community linked spiritually with many diverse needs and skills, we hope that you will take the time to fill out this questionnaire and consider sharing your God-given gifts of time and talent with the Parish of All Saints. We need you to help shine Christ's light in the world for as Jesus tells us, "You are the light of the world...a candle in a bushel basket sheds no light."

Click Here - Parish Survey

In honor of St. Joseph, Fr. Idler's Birthday, and Mardi Gras

Phases of the Rectory Staff Office renovation. Almost move-in ready.

First Saturday Mass Intentions - Purgatorial Society Enrollment

  An Everlasting Remembrance

Click on image below for more info

An Everlasting Remembrance


Stained Glass Windows of our Church - Photos by, Brian Kutner

Fun and Excitement at our Reverse Raffle Dinner Party!

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