Grief Support

Seasons of Hope - Grief and loss support group  is centered on Jesus Christ and grounded in the healing wisdom, traditions, and practices of the Catholic Church.

  • You are looking for friends in Christ to share your journey of sorrow.
  • You’ve been trying to figure out the meaning of your grief.
  • You want to get on with life but haven’t been able to.
  • You find comfort in the teaching of Christ.
  • You are open to new ways of coping with your grief.
  • You don’t want to feel alone anymore.
    Seasons of Hope will begin on Wednesday October 20 at 1 PM meeting in the Parish Office building. This is a 6 week program (not meeting Wednesday November 24). To register please email: [email protected] or call 856-825-0021. The cost for the book is $10 and may be purchased at the first group.  


"Mourning Journey" - Thanks to Ellen Van Hook, Peg Ruske and Diane Nonnmacher for heading up this support group. At this time there are no scheduled groups on the calendar for this year.