Foundations of Faith

The Family is the Domestic Church and the first teachers of the faith. This task may seem daunting to young parents. Your children look to you for everything. You always make sure their physical and emotional needs are met to the best of your abilities. What about their spiritual needs? Some say "We will wait until they can decide for themselves." I've heard this many times, yet I ask you did you wait until they could feed themselves before you gave them food or until they could hug you before you showed them a loving embrace? We set our childrens' firm foundations from the very beginning. It is up to us as parents to give them a spiritual foundation. You may have questions about the Catholic faith yourself. We at All Saints are here to share the Catholic faith with you and support you and your family as the Domestic Church. Call or email me Mary Anne Serra or call 856-825-0021 or see me after Mass on Sunday.